Bad Mojo Publishing

Science Fiction and Fantasy Indie Publishing

Bad Mojo are small, independent publishers of sci-fi and fantasy fiction. Focusing on the e-book market, we endeavour to bring the reader stories from a variety of worlds and styles, 

Stepping away from traditional publishing doesn't have to mean stepping away from quality. We at Bad Mojo bring you the sci-fi and fantasy fiction on the e-book market you love, providing exciting, innovative storytelling directly to our readers. We are a small and focused company, but will continue to bring out new and exciting authors and new projects as time goes on.

New and Upcoming!

The Echo Case Files: Ragnarok

The six star systems of the Orion Confederacy are under attack from an enemy humanity never expected and cannot understand. And the crime rate’s through the roof.

Corrupt politicians with unstoppable ambition. Violent terrorists with stolen military hardware. Crooked cops with truly terrible coffee. Sounds like the average case for a Confederate Marshal.